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BIO-PROTECTION Line: BIO-shampoo with neem oil


Shampoo for all dog breeds, particularly recommended for those dogs prone to itchy & irritated skin; dry & flaky skin.  Shampoo demonstrates excellent washing, care and protective properties.

Extracts and oils from neem tree (Melia azadirachta) penetrate deep into hair and skin to ensure flexibility. They also help to relieve dryness, skin irritation, and itching, and to eliminate dandruff. They form a protective film on the coat and skin surface, repelling insects such as fleas, lice, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Care product for animals. For external use. To be used on skin, in line with the intended purpose. Contains natural (plant) active agents and can be used in animals having close contacts with children. Do not use in the case of any skin cuts, leaking wounds, or allergy to any of the ingredients.

Property Value                  
Packaging 200 ml
Shelf life 1,5 year

Application method

Wet the dog's coat with warm water, starting from the tail towards the neck. Pour some shampoo on your hand and massage it into the coat, starting with the back, and then moving to the belly, legs and tail. In long-haired dogs, move from the top to the bottom to avoid tangling up. Leave the shampoo on the coat for 30-60 seconds massaging all the time. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Be careful when washing the head, protecting nose, eyes and ears. If the shampoo gets in the animal's eyes, rise thoroughly with water.