BIO-PROTECTION Line: BIO-spot on with neem oil 10-20kg

BIO-PROTECTION Line: BIO-spot on with neem oil 10-20kg

Care and protection spot on drops for medium and large dogs, containing neem oil and grape seed oil (4×2,5g).



Care and protection spot on drops for dogs and cats, containing neem oil and grape seed oil.

Neem oil (Melia azadirachta seed oil) has excellent moisturising and regenerating properties, increases flexibility of epidermis and coat, leaving it nourished and shiny. It soothes irritation and inflammatory conditions; protects the skin against re-occurrence of bacterial infections (antiseptic effect). In traditional Indian medicine for centuries used as a natural insecticide.

Grape seed oil (Vitis Vinifera seed oil) has soothing qualities and strengthens the natural protective shield of the skin. It facilitates epidermis regeneration and has moisturising properties.

The oil formula forms on the surface of the skin and hair a specific protective coat, reduces the insect’s mobility, causing its mechanical disposal, physical trap, which leads to its starvation and death. Insects do not become resistant to its effects.

Delicate oil formula can be used as natural protection in cats and dogs from the 1st month of life as well as in aged, recovering, pregnant, and breast-feeding animals and pets having close contact with children.

Care product for animals. For external use only. To be used on skin, in line with the intended purpose.

Contains natural (plant) active agents of cosmetic grade.

The product is not a biocide and does not contain active substances intended for use in biocidal products.

Product characteristics

Effectiveness Preventive effect (effective protection) – apply 1 pipette every 7-14 days; effectiveness depends on weather and environmental conditions.
The preparation is removed during washing. After washing the animal, re-application is needed.
Shelf life 1,5 year
Active substances grape seed oil, neem oil
  • medium and large dogs (10-20kg) one packaging contains 4 x 2,5 g pipettes
  • for larger pets apply proportionately greater dose of preparation (1, 2, 3 tubes)

Application method


It is recommended to perform allergy test before application: apply 1 drop of the product onto the animal’s skin; check after approx. one hour for any signs of redness. If no irritation occurred, apply the whole pipette.
1. Shake the pipette before opening.
2. Turn the stopper to remove the tip of the pipette.
3. Apply directly onto animal’s skin. Part the coat and apply drop by drop starting from the tail towards the head, against the direction of the hair growth. In cats, apply mainly between shoulders to avoid licking. Use the whole pipette at one go.
4. Stroke the animal to spread the product along the rest of the back, legs, and belly.
5. The product can be also safely applied by squeezing it out onto your hand and rubbing it into the animal’s coat. Note that if you choose this method of application, the product will be in contact with animal’s coat only and not with the skin.

Documents to download

MSDS BIO spot on with neem oil