Insecticidal dusting powders and shampoos

Insecticidal dusting powder is designed to control insects on the skin and in the hair of dogs and cats, as well as for disinfestation of their bedding, baskets, kennels and other places of permanent residence. Application onto the animal’s skin and hair is easy and does not induce any resistance. In cats, it is virtually the only form of insecticide they tolerate.

Insecticidal shampoos are designed to control insects on the skin and fur of an animal. In view of how they actually work, they are effective on application only. The biologically active substance in their composition acts while applied onto the skin. In order to achieve this goal – the destruction of insects, the application time cannot be too short (5 – 10 minutes). Please follow strictly the instructions for use, and in particular ensure the minimum time required for the shampoo to be left on the animal’s skin.