BIO Pet-care products

Pet-care products (cosmetics for animals) is a category of preparations for pets (dogs and cats), whose composition and properties are based on natural substances of plant origin. The ingredients contained in the pet-care products boast very good antiseptic, conditioning and soothing properties making the animal’s hair look gorgeously shiny, while also enhancing overall skin condition.

There are BIO-CARE and BIO-PROTECTION Line of pet-care products.

PROTECTION Line of products additionally offers a protective function, effectively discouraging insects such as fleas, lice or ticks from any attempts of making their habitat on the animal or anywhere nearby. Bio-products are especially good in fighting external parasites when used as a “shock therapy”, as well as a preventive measure in the non-infested animals, rarely exposed to contact with any flea-infested ones, in the young animals up to 3 months of age, pregnant and lactating bitches, and in animals during convalescence or in animals which have close contact with children.