Insecticidal collars

Collars insecticides are used to control insects on the skin and hair of dogs and cats. They owe their properties to the biologically active substances contained in them that kill insects. These collars are most often available in the form of plastic strips made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride containing an active substance (organophosphate pesticides, carbamates, synthetic pyrethroids and others).
Please also note that we won’t be able to effectively get rid of fleas on the animal, unless at the same time we carry out a comprehensive disinfestation of its bedding, baskets and other places of the animal’s residence.

The collars make use of the physical phenomenon called “sweating” encountered in plasticized PVC. It is based on the slow release (secretion) of the active substance contained in the material onto the surface of the collar. In other words, an insecticidal collar acts as a store of active substance which slowly finds its way onto its surface in very small amounts perfectly sufficient to kill off insects, but at the same time far too small to bring animals or humans into any harm.

As this process takes place continuously, these collars remain effective for several months. Insecticidal collars are effective against insects on cats and dogs, particularly on the small and medium-sized shorthaired breeds. With regard to large and long-haired dogs, however, their biocidal activity may be insufficient to completely remove the parasites, so the treatment should be supported with some other insecticides in sprays, or in the form of dusting powders.