Insecticidal collar PESS for dogs

Insecticidal collar PESS for dogs

EXPORT ONLY Collar for dogs. Contains propoxur against fleas and ticks. The package contains one collar 60 cm, red color.



Against fleas, ticks and lice inhabiting the skin and hair of dogs.
It is resistant to moisture – soaking does not reduce effectiveness.

Do not use on any young animals up to 3 months of age, lactating bitches. The collar must  always be kept out of the reach of children and well away from any foodstuffs.

Product characteristics

Effectiveness up to 6 months of unpacking, subject to reduction, depending on environmental and prevalent weather conditions
Shelf life 3 years
Active substances 10% (10g/100g) propoxur (CAS 114-26-1 N-methylcarbamate-2-isopropoxy phenyl
60 cm/red

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