BIO-PROTECTION Line: BIO-spot on with geranium oil and dimethicone 10-20kg

BIO-PROTECTION Line: BIO-spot on with geranium oil and dimethicone 10-20kg

Care and protection spot on drops for medium and large dogs, containing geranium oil and dimethicone (4x2g).



Care and protection spot on drops for dogs and cats. Boasts excellent pet-care properties and an enhanced protective effect against fleas and ticks. Contains essential geranium oil (Geranium, Pelargonium) and dimethicone, which mechanically eliminates fleas and ticks.

Spot on gives the animal’s coat a vibrant look, smoothing the hair, preventing any tangling up, and keeping it static-free throughout. Dimethicone, its main ingredient, apart from its excellent pet-care properties, physically traps the insects that have already infested the animal’s coat. The oil clings to the insect’s body thereby blocking off its essential life functions, having it effectively immobilized, then dehydrated, until it dies and dries off. It is effective against adult insects, as well as their eggs and larvae. The insects remain unable to  develop any resistance to its effects. Geranium oil leaves a pleasant scent which additionally protects the animal against any insect attack (mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks).

The product can be used in animals from 3 months of age, older animals, pregnant and lactating bitches, and those remaining in close contact with children.

Care product for animals. For external use only. To be used on skin, in line with the intended purpose.

Product characteristics

  • preventive effect (effective protection) – within 24 hours of the application,
  • maintaining routine preventive effect – the preparation should be applied approx. every 3 weeks, effectiveness depends on weather and environmental conditions. The preparation is removed during washing. After washing the animal, re-application is needed
Shelf life 3 years
Active substances dimethicone, geranium oil
  • medium and large dogs (10-20kg) one packaging contains 4 x 2 g pipettes
  • for larger pets apply proportionately greater dose of preparation (1, 2, 3 tubes)

Application method


It is recommended to perform allergy test before application: apply 1 drop of the product onto the animal’s skin; check after approx. one hour for any signs of redness. If no irritation occurred, apply the whole pipette.
1. Shake the pipette before opening and turn the stopper to remove the tip of the pipette.
2. Apply directly onto animal’s skin (using one or more pipettes, depending on the animal’s size). Part the coat and apply drop by drop starting from the neck towards the tail. An entire pipette should be used up.

Wash your hands after the application.

Documents to download

MSDS BIO spot on with dimethicone and geranium oil